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Petites Pommes makes timeless pool floats for quality-conscious children and adults. All our products are free of BPA and phthalates and have a durable design that will survive trends and last for seasons.

Inspired by understated classics, our collection of summer essentials is a nod to the past with a contemporary feel. Each item is delivered in a reusable dust bag made of organic cotton for convenient storage when your floats are not in use. 

All Petites Pommes Classic Floats are produced in a resistant PVC free of BPA and Phthalates. Why PVC? The answer is that this is the material with the unique properties needed to produce a safe and watertight inflatable swim ring.

Whereas floats of the past easily break and need to be replaced often, a Petites Pommes swim ring is produced in a thick and durable material. The ANNA floats have a thickness of 0.25mm, while the CELINE Grand Float is made of a 0.3mm thickness making it further resistant to heavier weight and use. Should you still accidentally suffer a small puncture, a repair patch is included with all our floats.

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